"If you're not learning at poker then you're losing...
 the MagicHoldem Personal Poker Coach is like
   having me next to you at the table as you improve your game
    hand by hand, session by session." Tony G. - Poker Pro

"The next best thing to having me beside you at the table"
Tony G. - Poker Pro

your personal poker coach

  • Pro poker insight before, during and after you play
  • HUD - Live opponent profiling and analysis at the table
  • Real time poker odds calculator software
  • Automatically attaches to your favorite poker room
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New Features:

The MagicHoldem Poker Coach, featuring an Odds Calculator and Heads Up Display (HUD) is a unique all-around tool designed to help you at the table and make you a better poker player session by session.

  • Pre-session playing tips, weak spot analysis; one-click access to all your rooms
  • In-session live opponent analysis and profiling, "in your ear" real time Hold'em odds, tips and insight
  • Post-session summary. Leak Analysis - Where are your weak spots?

Magic Poker Coach supports these Poker Rooms:

over 100 rooms supported...

bet365 Poker

Bet365 offers players a variety of tournaments, cash games and promotions, all tied together by an easy-to-use software program. One of the things that make Bet365 such a great choice for players is the amount of player volume that the site experiences;


Party Poker

When playing at PartyPoker, use our tool to gain an advantage over your opponents and win more hands.


Titan Poker

Titan poker calculator tool combines the technology of Magicholdem and the popular iPoker network.


888 Poker Calculator

888poker is the flagship poker room of the world’s largest online casino, 888.com. Download 888Poker odds tool and transcend your game.


PokerStars Odds Calculator

Magicholdem offers the best Pokerstars tools. Our Pokerstars odds calculator gives you the edge in the biggest poker room online


Poker 770

Of all the iPoker Network skins, Poker770 is by far one of the most progressive. It has one of the richest selections of freerolls and promotions. With Magic poker coach It’s like having a professional coach playing alongside you every step of the way, improving your chances of winning


Free Texas Hold'em Poker Odds Calculator

Thrilling as playing online poker is, when you play poker online you play to win. For that purpose, many companion poker tools have been designed to give you an edge at the table. MagicHoldem has developed the world's most advanced companion poker tool, featuring a real-time poker odds calculator, a Head up Display (HUD) and Personal Poker Coach - all rolled into one and designed to help you make decisions at the table, analyze your opponents and develop a winning playing style. Now you can move from guessing poker odds to knowing your odds. You can move from guessing your opponent's' playing style, to knowing their playing style and using this knowledge to win. The poker odds calculator and HUD will help you make better poker decisions, based on facts and analysis.


The Magic Holdem free poker calculator calculates winning probability in real time and indicates your hand status in relation to your opponents, as the street progress from preflop to river. The Texas Holdem calculator is backed up at the table by an advanced HUD that analyses key opponent statistics based on the hands they've played against you, and helps you understand what type of player you are up against. Finally, wrapping it all together is the poker coach, another piece of state-of-the-art software, the coach analyzes your own poker style, identifies your leaks and weaknesses and helps plug and correct them on your way to developing a winning strategy. Use the poker odds calculator to easily keep track of odds and learn the ins and outs of poker strategy while you play. The HUD will then help you go to the next level: finding opponent weaknesses and using this knowledge to win. The coach will help you reflect on your game and learn from mistakes after your session.

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